4x4 Key Deluxe Aluminum Keypad Shell Enclosure

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For all the DIY keebfans in the house here is a very fancy and sturdy 4x4 Keypad Shell in Dark Gray with silver accents, the perfect base to begin your custom keypad project. You provide the PCB in the 4x4 housing and bolt it into this base. This multi-part enclosure is super luxe, with milled and anodized solid aluminum and a hinge that will let you angle the box.

Makes for a prettier build with more protection than just layers of PCB or acrylic. While it's designed for a custom PCB, you could also just snap in 4 keys and 'free wire' them. Comes with one anodized silver aluminum enclosure and a clear acrylic bottom that screws on with two M2 bolts.

Comes with four anti-slip stickers and mechanical screw hardware. The backplate comes with paper backing (it protects the acrylic while shipping). You'll need to peel it off before assembly. Designed for use with any "Cherry MX" keyswitches or compatibles, like Kailh or Gateron.

Note: This is just the keypad shell. Don't forget to grab some keycaps and switches.

Technical Details

Product Dimensions: 96.3mm x 92.0mm x 22.0mm / 3.8" x 3.6" x 0.9"

Product Weight: 227.0g / 8.0oz


Build a highly posh keypad with aluminum enclosure