Kailh Big Mechanical Key Switch - Tactile Burnt Orange - 1 Piece

Product ID: 5306


Kailh Big Switch Series comes to Adafruit! These switches are 4 times bigger on each side than a normal MX switch. That comes up to 64 times bigger in volume. Yet, these switches are fully functional. Use as a fidget toy, or solder into a NeoKey trinkey to make the largest Escape key known to humankind.

Comes as a large single key switch with keycap

  • Type: Tactile
  • Travel Distance: 
    • 4.8mm Actuation
    • 14mm Bottom
  • Force:
    • 290g Peak
    • 280g Operating
    • 420g Bottom
  • Mount: Plate

Technical Details


Giant MacroPad with Big Key Switches