nOOds - Flexible LED Filament - 12V 600mm long - Warm White

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Our favorite food when hacking on code or electronics is a hot bowl of noodles - and around NYC these are often called 'noods'! What we've got here are flexible LED noodles in different lengths and colors. All are not good for eatin' but they are good for cool lighting effects

These are often seen in 'Edison-like' LED bulbs, shaped into hearts or stars, or just wound around to create a fun or warm lighting effect. They're made of dozens of micro LED diodes that are bonded together on an ultra-flexible metal backing, then coated in colorful silicone for protection. Since the LEDs are in parallel, you only need 12V to light 'em up - we recommend current limiting with a resistor to let max 500mA through.

Comes one per pack. Add some mini, noodle-y neon bling to your miniature sets, dioramas, dollhouses, mini-verses, what have you! These look and feel like what we always wanted out of EL wire, and because they're just a 'big long LED' you can PWM dim them easily.

Simply power up with 12V by connecting to both ends - the anode should be the metal end with a little hole in it. If it doesn't immediately light up, try connecting the other way around, no biggie.

This nood is 600mm long, thats 0.6 meters or almost 24 inches! The tradeoff for such a long length is you'll need 12V to power it. You may want to current limit, we found that at 12V its very bright and warm. Limiting to 500mA (about 11.5V) is a nice warm glow without getting toasty

  • 750mA at 12V
  • 300mA at 11V

Technical Details

RoHS 2 2011 65 EU Compliant
RoHS 2 2015 863 EU Compliant