USB C to USB C Cable w/ 100W Watt Display - 1 meter Black Woven

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Everyone has that "good charger" in the house, the one that seems to get your phone from 4% to 100% in record time. But it's a bit of a mystery, isn't it? Why does one charger work great while another doesn't seem to budge at all? It has to do with whether that charger supports USB Type C Power Delivery (PD) and, of course, the supply's output current ability and the length and quality of the cable used. All things that an electrical engineer could work out with a multimeter and some notepaper - but who has time for that! 

This Black Woven USB C to USB C Cable with 100W Watt Display makes determining the charger setup easy: look on the end of the USB C plug to read the amount of power going into your phone or laptop. ~3W is a standard 5V / 500mA draw, but with proper USB Type C PD power supplies you can get up to 20V 5A for a blazing 100 Watts! 

Using it is simple: if you have multiple outlets or chargers available, pick the one that gives you the highest Wattage number!

Or use it as a simple power monitor for your single-board Linux computer or other high-current-raw USB device. Or as a quick test for your power delivery power supply to make sure it's actually supplying the current requested.

It is 1 meter / approx 3 feet long, so it won't drag down your current but still gives enough length to reach any port.

We also carry a Black Woven USB A to USB C Cable with 66W Watt Display!

Technical Details


  • Cable diameter: approx 3.8mm
  • Power: 100W (20V @ 5A max)
  • Transmission rate: 480Mbps
RoHS 2 2011 65 EU Compliant
RoHS 2 2015 863 EU Compliant


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