Distributors & Hackerspaces

Adafruit has distributors, makerspaces, and hackerspaces worldwide! Please review the the map below to explore our distributor network and visit their sites to make purchases or learn more!

Are you interested in becoming a distributor or joining our makerspace & hackerspace program? We have a very committed distributor network and would love to have more great people and companies as distributors and makerspaces & hackerspaces.

We recently updated our distributor, reseller and hackerspace pricing. For most of our catalog, if distributors order items in quantities of 50 or more, your discount goes up to 30%.

Note: Not all items have distributor discounts, but we are adding more all the time!

Are you interested in becoming an Adafruit distributor or getting a makerspace & hackerspace discount, but not sure if you qualify? We have just a few questions for you.

Are you an online or physical store that would like to distribute our products? Are you a hackerspace/makerspace?

Can you place orders of $500 or more (not including shipping) each time?

Can you pay via Paypal or credit card? For international large orders, can you pay via wire transfer?

If you are applying to become a distributor:

  • Can you meet the annual target of $10,000 or more?
  • Can you place an order at least once a quarter (or 4 times a year)?

If you are applying to become a hackerspace/makerspace

  • Are you able to send photographs and location of your space?

Did you answer “Yes” to all of the questions above? If so, click APPLY to get started!

*Please note: if you are a Makerspace/Hackerspace we expect that you will not be reselling Adafruit products. If you plan on reselling, please apply to be a distributor.

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